Frequently Asked Questions


Can I do internships abroad?

Yes, you must consult the business internship coordinator by major. Check our list of coordinators here.

The Bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics does not include internships.

What is and is it mandatory to do the Rotating Internship?

It’s a program of the teaching assistance integration area of the institutions of the higher education system, which aims to apply and deepen the knowledge, abilities and skills, provided to the students in the ten previous levels of the program.

In order to fulfill its objective, the Rotating Internship Program will be carried out in the last level of health sciences programs, which lasts for one calendar year.

It will begin and end on the dates set in the schedule of the National Health Authority and will be developed with the modality of mandatory internships, under the internship regime, in health establishments of the Comprehensive Public Health Network and Complementary Private Network.

This program will be under the support, supervision and evaluation of the institution of the higher education system to which the students belong.

What hospitals can I go to in the Rotating Internship (IR)?

The places are subject to the network of the Ministry of Public Health.

How do I study in one of the programs offered by ESPOL?

Review our admission process within this link.

Why can't I graduate if I have already completed the curriculum?

Review your academic to see if you have debts of Value or Non-Value.

Why can't I generate a certificate?

Review your academic to see if you have debts of Value or Non-Value.

What is the FCV administrative building?

Our administrative building is 3A, located within the Gustavo Galindo campus, km 30.5 Vía Perimetral, near the FCV bus stop (green color) and in front of the university pool. Inside this building are the offices of the teaching and administrative staff. To check the office number, please go to this link for teaching staff or this link for administrative staff.

What is your office hours?

From 8 AM to 4:30 PM.